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B&G Projects Shoes Design

B&G Projects Shoes Design is a stylistic studio specialized in Italian Footwear and is seated inĀ Pescantina (Verona – Italy), a neighboring country in the historically known area for footwear production (Bussolengo). historically known worldwide for the production of footwear.

The team composed of stylists, designers and model makers with over 40 years of experience, is able to create and develop models for MAN and WOMAN in “Casual”, “Sport” and “Comfort” style, very commercial but innovative.

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The complex machining operations, typical of this area of production, Strobel, Hand sewn, San Crispino, California, Ideal, Real Moccasin and obviously Assembled, are part of everyday life.

In a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, of craftsmanship and new technologies, of skills, taste and quality, B&G Projects is able to run with great attention all phases of operation to satisfy the various needs of customers, and to create specific personalized projects.

Into the creative process, that will allow to arrive at the finished model, the very first step is the freehand sketch, based on intuition or stylistic lines laid down by careful analysis and research in international footwear market.

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Once approved by the creative direction, the idea is elaborated in computer graphics for proper visual representation.

Basic choices are also the study of color combination of materials, often realized by the internal staff.

B&G Projects is able to design and develop entire collections, giving a final result of high quality, absolute confidentiality in perfect Italian style and design, always keeping up with new trends and market tastes.


OurĀ Team

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