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The development a 3D CAD and rapid prototyping in the next release of the maquette outsole for maximum confidentiality to the project and allows the development of all elements necessary for the realization of the first prototype, which will have special characteristics and unique style in line with customer requirements.

The next steps are to study and realization of the form and the proposed style of modeling.

Models are transferred from paper to the CAD screen for a more precise revenue in every detail, because every millimeter is critical and can affect the final result.

We deal with ...

Sole Style’s Proposals
Proposals for the Models Style
3D CAD Development of the Sole
Print in Rapid Prototyping of Maquette Sole
Study and Development of Form
Get to CAD model
Realization of the Prototype

It is here that decades of experience comes into play, in the mastery of the “trade” and of the artisan phase of the process.

Details make every single proposal unique. The study of overlap and abundances, the reinforcements, the lining, the pattern and the accessories are carefully designed to maximize the yield in production.

The cutting of the skin with plotter bears absolute perfection and when the individual parts to pass to giunteria to be assembled and fixed, included in its form and combined with harmony to the sole, the mixing of materials, and how they are processed, allows each model to take shape and to define and outline the soul of the project.

Only at this point the prototype is finally ready to be presented to the customer.

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